Our Mission

We are the most respected public opinion source, providing accurate and actionable information in order to develop strategic solutions.

Our History

Creative Consumer Research (CCR), a Texas-based corporation established in 1976, is a State of Texas Certified HUB headquartered in Stafford, TX. CCR’s sole business is providing marketing research services to clients in the private and public sectors.

The company is staffed by 10 full-time market research professionals and approximately 200 part-time interviewers (telephone, door-to-door, mall intercept, one-on-one) and focus group recruiters. CCR’s staff of 6 Senior Executives has a combined total of 170 years experience in market research, with an average tenure of 25 years with CCR. CCR’s mid-level managers have an average 10-year tenure with the company.

CCR offers a full line of Spanish-language marketing research services. CCR’s Hispanic Division is staffed by approximately 20 experienced bilingual market researchers, including managers, supervisors, interviewers, and survey editors. All of CCR’s bilingual staff is fluent in both written and spoken Spanish and English.

Creative Consumer Research has specialized experience in healthcare, public utilities, public transportation, travel and leisure, entertainment, gambling/betting, financial services, restaurant and food service, residential and commercial property development, and retail. CCR’s credibility and credentials are well established and respected throughout the marketing research industry.

The company has conducted approximately 55,000 individual projects in its 37-year history, and currently conducts more than 1,500 projects annually for clients throughout the U.S. The diversity of quantitative projects conducted by CCR includes sample sizes as low as 50 and as high as 30,000. Additionally, CCR’s capability and experience covers all types of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies – focus group, one-on-one, telephone, mall and on-site intercepts, executive, door-to-door, regular mail, e-survey, and Internet – with consumers and businesses.

Over its 37-year history, the company has built and continually maintained its reputation as a provider of high quality business and consumer research services. CCR’s longstanding ability to provide valid and actionable research results for clients is based on the company having experienced and qualified staff to perform every aspect of a research project in-house, including research design, implementation, programming, data processing, data analysis, report writing, and presentation.

For projects requiring subcontractors (e.g., focus group facility rental, on-site interviewing in markets outside of Texas), CCR carefully chooses an appropriate company – one that maintains the same high standards for quality and integrity that CCR imposes on itself. Whenever possible, CCR attempts to subcontract with Small Businesses, Minority or Woman-Owned Businesses. For on-site interviewing studies where subcontracting is required, a CCR Manager travels to the market to conduct the interviewer briefing and visit the interviewing sites for the first two days of a study. This allows CCR to ensure the quality of the interviewers and interviewing being conducted on the company’s behalf.

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