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Healthcare costs are continuing to increase over recent years, with family health insurance coverage now topping $16K a year, as notes the 2014 Employer Health Benefits Survey. The costs of health insurance coverage for individuals was nearing nearly $6,000 a year in 2013. Additionally, the 2016 Healthcare Trends Survey from Wells Fargo shows that price of healthcare coverage is top of mind for most people.

SMBs Need Healthcare Market Research for Cost Savings

Costs have risen in part to new, more expensive technologies, that treat patients more effectively. And, the study notes that claim trends for HMOs are expected to rise to 8.6 percent in 2016 from 7.2 percent in 2015. Other costs factor in the aging of our Baby Boomer population and the costs associated with more numbers of people; more costly improvements in medical technology treatments and procedures, and overall price inflation.

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These are some of the most critical cost factors facing small to medium-sized businesses looking at ever-increasing budgets for healthcare. These companies are faced with trying to understand an industry that is so large and complex that even the best industry experts and leading politicians have trouble deciphering the reasons behind the cost increases.

Healthcare Market Research Needed

Clearly, more detailed research is needed at the advisory level for SMBs. Business owners need to know how to allocate medical investment for the company and employees. The fast-growing area of healthcare market research is becoming less of a ‘want’ and more of a ‘need’.

Your company can use the services of a professional healthcare market research firm. The pros at Creative Consumer Research can manage all the healthcare market research and relative cost structures for you. CCR will collect data from a variety of sources to help your company understand the complexities of today’s medical healthcare industry.

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